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Deepest Seabed Area (wikwuk)

Challenger Deep, the name was attributed due to the depth of the sea reaches 11 kilometers. It is in the trough Marina, between the Islands Marina, Western Pacific. On the map, the islands near Papua, Philippines, and Japan.

11 kilometers is an indicator how deep Challenger Deep. If the world's highest mountain, Mt. Everest moved to the bottom of this then it will sink. The highest mountain is only 8.8 kilometers. The remaining 2.2 kilometers of water covered the sea. It can imagine it, right?

Marina Trench formed by oceanic plates driven by continental plates causing deep cracks. So far in the trough base is, of course, the sun can not penetrate. Consequently Challenger Deep is so dark. Fish that live in this region have adapted and produce different forms such as eg flatfish and polychaete worms.

Challenger Deep was first explored on January 23, 1960 at Bathyscaphe Trieste submarine manned Jacques Picard and Don Walsh Letnat slid underneath. They took 5 hours before it finally reached the bottom. The pressure was so great and the supply of oxygen is only 20 minutes for Picard and Walsh stay on base.

In 1995, Japan sent Kaiko, robot ocean probe a record achievement of an unmanned machine to the bottom of Challenger Deep. Kaiko be a pioneer for robot expedition in the next years.

Record last action of note is James Cameron, a Canadian director who managed to dive solo in a mini submarine Deepsea Challenger on March 26, 2012. Advances in technology make Cameron a lot quicker, it only takes about 2 hours to the base of the trough.

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